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Fulcrum Therapy Body Wellness Clinic

The Fulcrum Therapy clinic revolves around the concept of balance, alignment and health. As human beings, we are multi dimensional.

Our well being programs consist of physical and mental health as well as our psycho-social health.

These are the pillars of our approach and all three of these fundamentals need to be in harmony for our body to be functioning optimally and for our system to be at equilibrium.

At Fulcrum, our patients are treated as whole. It may be the physical pain that brings you in our doors and your primary complaint is our main priority but we don’t just stop there.

Fulcrum Therapy is a Coquitlam-based health clinic that offers services like chiropractic, physio and massage therapy, and counselling.

All our treatments are one on one and we don’t multi-task. Our attention is on you 100% of the time because we CARE. Self empowerment is critical to well being, we want you to feel better and feel independent and in control of your own symptoms.

Why Choose Fulcrum Therapy?


Highly qualified practitioners will conduct a thorough physical assessment to better understand your complaint. We will then give you a treatment plan specifically designed for you.


At Fulcrum Therapy, we see, feel, and listen. Patience is what you deserve to receive with your care and that is what we are here to give you with your therapy.


Compassion is the fundamental quality of a top practitioner and the core of Fulcrum Therapy. Our doctors genuinely care and will do their best to improve your health.

Friendly Faces

We are committed to our patients to make every visit memorable. Our patient’s satisfaction is of great importance to us and we will do our best to ensure you walk out with a smile.

What Is Our Treatment Approach?

The Initial Assessment

The Initial Assessment

During the initial assessment, we take the time to get to know you, your main concerns and goals from the treatment.Then, we conduct a t through physical assessment to understand your physical limitations.

The treatment​

The Treatment

We discuss and we educate. We don’t just jump into treatment before we have your consent and do anything to surprise you. Our treatments are 100% customized and one on one because we believe you deserve our full attention.



We believe in empowering you to take charge of your own health. We give you the advice and the tools necessary to manage symptoms at home and to become independent. We want you to think of therapy as support for health rather than a necessity.

Our Photo Gallery

Our Team of Doctors & Practitioners

As a Coquitlam chiropractor, Dr. Kimiya Sabbaghan has years of experience in helping patients.

Dr. Kimiya Sabbaghan
Clinic Director & Chiropractor

Amber Chong

Dr. Amber Chong

Dr. Casey Gero is one of our female chiropractors at Fulcrum Therapy who has joined our team recently.

Dr. Casey Gero

Aleksandra profile picture

Aleksandra Kusiak

Farshid Khajehour is our registered acupuncturist providing acupuncture treatment for Fulcrum Therapy patients.

Farshid Khajehpour

Nicholas Ayin

Nicholas Ayin
Massage Therapist

Harold Keech

Harold Keech
Massage Therapist

Anita Rahimi is one of our motivated team members and a massage therapist in Fulcrum Therapy health clinic.

Anita Rahimi
Massage Therapist


Aditi Jasra
Clinical Counsellor

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