To best prepare runners for health and longevity as they bound from one leg to the next, it is important to understand the performance demands of running.

Dissimilar to several other level one sports such as football, hockey, lacrosse, and soccer, which involve unpredictable forces, physical contact, and occasional traumatic injury, running typically entails predictable performance demands. While we call on our bodies to primarily operate in a straight or sagittal plane with running, we must never forget the unique, tri-planar nature of running, which demands proficiency in multi-planar movement and control while effectively storing and releasing energy. While running draws on various bodily systems, the focus of this e-book is on helping runners develop capacity and mental fortitude, as well as providing a basic understanding of running footwear, to effectively and efficiently handle the unique demands of running. While there are countless exercises that could be selected as primary drills for runners, we drew from our knowledge of the best medical and performance research, as well as our clinical experience, to provide you with a concise and effective group of exercises that can easily be implemented into your training program. These exercises and activities are also practical, as they rely on minimal equipment and can be performed in the comfort of your home, office, or hotel. Progressions are also provided once the baseline exercises have been mastered to further challenge and improve your running economy. Although these exercises provide a solid foundation for most runners, there are more advanced, performance-based drills and exercises that will be discussed in subsequent e-books to progressively challenge you to further tap your running potential. Additionally, we aim to provide a framework to foster a refined understanding of injury, pain, decision-making, and healthy habits, while touching on footwear selection and considerations. Accompanying all of the images and descriptions, we have also provided video links to allow you to watch the exercises performed by one of the authors. We hope that this e-book provides you with a simple and practical resource to position you to run healthy and strong while reaching your personal best. In the event that you are dealing with injury, we advise you to seek consultation with a licensed medical professional, who specializes in working with injured runners.


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