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Chiropractor: Not All Back Pain Is The Same

A woman in black workout suit suffering from back pain.

Talking to a few different patients recently made me realize that my patients tend to lump all sources of back pain into one category: back pain.

What Could Be Causing Your Back Pain?

The etiology of back pain is wide. Many different structural elements in our body can result in.

This is why you should not listen to your friend’s advice who got better with a set of specific exercises. You should have your body checked by a professional to understand the root cause of your problems.

1. Strained Muscles and Ligaments

It is the most common etiology. Since muscles and ligaments support your skeletal system, overdoing a certain activity can result in. There are different degrees of sprain and strains, such as mild or severe, the time that it could take to heal will be different.

2. Discogenic Back Pain

This is originating from some of the deeper tissues in our back namely the disc.

3. Sacroiliac Pain

The SI joints sit right below our lumbar spine. These can often be a generating source that may radiate into your lumbar spine as well. It could give you a mixed presentation: you may have both pain in the SI joint and lumbar joint at the same time.

4. Internal Organs

Oftentimes, when your organs are unhappy; they have their own unique way of referring and presenting it to your back. Common examples are during the menstrual cycle from reproductive organs, or from kidney stones and gallstones, and even mid-back pain from stomach ulcers.

Of course, these situations are not as common as the first point described above. But it does highlight the importance of ensuring you get your body assessed professionally by a trained individual. They can give you further directions about your condition.

Hope this article gives you a good understanding that not all back pain is the same. They present differently and they also respond differently to various exercises and stretches. This means not all stretches and exercises may be appropriate if you are experiencing them; especially during the activity or movement.

Seeking professional help will give you a better understanding of your injuries and also give you strategies to avoid your triggers to stay out of pain.

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