Insurance & Billing

Insurance & Billing

We have gone to extra measures to ensure your billing is smooth and stress-free.

If you are unsure about your health care plan and coverage, the best is to contact your insurance company and they can answer all details related to your specific policy.

We direct bills to the following insurance companies on your behalf to save you time and direct out-of-pocket costs.

  • Sunlife

  • Pacific Blue Cross

  • Greenshield

Other insurance providers that we also can direct bill are:

insurance companies logos

How to know if I am covered by MSP for Chiropractic treatment?

According to Supplementary Benefits: for these MSP beneficiaries, MSP contributes $23 per visit for a combined annual limit of 10 visits each calendar year.

If you are not sure about your eligibility, simply give us a call at 604-917-0777 and we will check for you!


Service Fees

Chiropractic Price
Chiropractic Initial Visit (30 mins)$105
Chiropractic Initial Visit - Extended (45 mins) $140
Chiropractic Subsequent Visit (15 mins)$70
Chiropractic Subsequent Visit - Extended (30 mins) $115
Chiropractic Initial and Subsequent Visit ICBC – Learn More $0
Chiropractic WorkSafe BC User Fee $0
Custom Orthotics $425
Registered Clinical CounsellorPrice +GST
Private Individual Counselling - In-Person (50 mins)$120
Private Individual Counselling - Virtual (50 mins)$120
Private Couples Counselling - In-Person (50 mins)$150
Private Couples Counselling - Virtual (50 mins)$150
ICBC Individual Counselling - In-Person (50 mins)$0
ICBC Individual Counselling - Virtual (50 mins)$0
Crime Victim Assistance Program$80
Registered Massage TherapyPrice +GST
Registered Massage Therapy Initial Visit (60 mins)$120
Registered Massage Therapy Initial Visit (45 mins)$100
Registered Massage Therapy Subsequent Visit (60 mins)$120
Registered Massage Therapy Subsequent Visit (45 mins)$100
Registered Massage Therapy Subsequent Visit (30 mins)$80
Registered Massage Therapy ICBC Initial – Learn More (45 mins)$0
Registered Massage Therapy ICBC Subsequent – Learn More (30 mins)$0
Registered Massage Therapy WorkSafeBC User Fee $0
Registered Massage Therapy MSP User Fee $40

Massage Therapy by Body Worker Price
Massage Therapy (60 mins)$70
Massage Therapy (45 mins)$55
Massage Therapy (30 mins)$40

Active Rehab / Kinesiology Price +GST
Active Rehab / Kinesiology - Initial (60 mins)
Active Rehab / Kinesiology - Subsequent (45 mins)$80
Active Rehab / Kinesiology - ICBC Initial (60 mins)$0
Active Rehab / Kinesiology - ICBC Subsequent (45 mins)$0
Private Pilates 1:1 Training (5 classes)$275

Intuitive Reiki TherapyPrice
Intuitive Reiki Therapy Initial Visit $55
Intuitive Reiki Therapy Subsequent Visit $40