Chiropractic: It’s More Than Just A Crack

What some may refer to as the “crack” is actually a specific chiropractic adjustment that is delivered with high specificity and accuracy to a specific joint to help improve the range of motion, proprioception and circulation to the affected area. There is research that has demonstrated the power and effectiveness of manipulative therapy (aka an adjustment) for conservative treatment of spinal conditions, most commonly lower back pain.

Chiropractic adjustments are a powerful tool but there is more

As doctors of chiropractic, our eyes are trained to detect imbalances whether it’s in joint mobility or muscle tightness. When you visit a chiropractor, they use their expertise and training to figure out exactly what is causing your pain. But the solution may or may not be an adjustment. You may benefit a lot from Cupping Therapy to Active Muscle Release Technique. It could also be a series of stretch and exercise therapy or a combination of these.

To say seeing a chiropractor means I have to get adjusted is like saying I go to visit my medical doctor to get drugs and drugs only. Actually, no. You are seeing them to get their expertise and professional opinion as to what is causing your issue. You may or may not need medication, you may need imaging, blood tests and so on.

It’s the same when you see your chiropractor: you are seeing them for their knowledge and expertise. They diagnose your condition and recommend the best therapies and solutions to help you get out of pain. In addition, a good chiropractor will teach you strategies to follow at home so you can stay out of pain! An adjustment may not be a part of your treatment plan and it’s not a must during your chiropractic visits.


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