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Who Is a Chiropractor?

Chiropractors are musculoskeletal (MS) experts that provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment and preventative care of biomechanical disorders such as neck painback paindisc herniationsheadacheship pain and more.

All chiropractors have a doctorate degree with accredited universities and are licensed with the regulatory board of chiropractors (CCBC). Our Coquitlam chiropractors are evidence-informed and combine their clinical experience with recent research to guide their decision making process when it comes to patient care.

Seeing one of the Fulcrum Therapy chiropractors will allow you to understand your current injury, learn what contributed to the pain in the first place but also understand how to avoid recurrence of the same condition. Chiropractic treatments not only focus on fixing an acute injury but also emphasize overall wellbeing and health through preventative and maintenance treatment, rehabilitation and education.

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