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Dr. Kimiya Sabbaghan 

Dr. Kimiya Sabbaghan graduated from Simon Fraser University Biomedical physiology program with honors with distinction and continued to pursue her education in Portland, Oregon where she completed her doctorate of chiropractic degree summa cum laude (highest degree of honor) from the University of Western States.

Dr. Sabbaghan believes that everyone is “an athlete in their own way”, meaning they have the capability to pursue an active lifestyle in any mode that resonates with them. Her approach to assessments and treatments are detailed and patient-centered. She has a passion for prenatal and postpartum care, treatment of TMD (temporomandibular disorder) and the complexities of low back pain and disc herniation.

She advocates for team-based multidisciplinary care and is a firm believer of movement as the key to a healthier body, healthier mind and healthier lifestyle. She takes joy in spending time with family, being out in nature and enjoying a warm cup of coffee at a local cafe. 

Amber Chong

Dr. Amber Chong

Dr. Amber Chong graduated summa cum laude from the University of Western States with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and a Bachelor of Science in human biology. Prior to this, she attained a Bachelor of Science in biomedical physiology and a Certificate of Forensic Studies from Simon Fraser University.

Growing up, Amber always enjoyed being active and started dancing at the age of 2. She fell in love with the movement and artistry dancing provided and was a competitive dancer for many years. Her interest in chiropractic began during this time as she saw how beneficial it was to see a chiropractor and learn what was causing the pain and be given tools to prevent it from happening again.

Amber has a patient-centered approach to chiropractic care and has clinical experience treating people of all ages and conditions, with an interest in prenatal care and children. Her treatment methods include diversified adjusting techniques, soft tissue therapy, and providing rehabilitative exercises for at-home care. She believes that chiropractic care is an excellent way for people to maintain physical wellness and prevent injuries, and that everyone from children to seniors can benefit.

In her spare time, you can find Amber going on nature walks with camera in hand, gardening amongst the flowers and vegetables, or reading a good book with a big cup of tea.

Registered Massaged Therapy

Registered Massaged

Nicholas Ayin

“Hello, I am Nicholas Ayin and I have recently completed my diploma in the Registered Massage Therapist program at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. I completed my degree in Kinesiology at Trinity Western University and worked as a Kinesiologist for 2 years before transitioning to Massage Therapy. I also ran Track and Field for 10 years and my passion for sports and helping others with injuries led me to pursuing a career in healthcare. I enjoy working closely with athletes which is why I am also massaging for the Trinity Western University Track and Field team and I also coach Track and Field in Coquitlam.

I like to provide patient centered care and I will always do my best to get to the root of a patient’s problem and treat safely and effectively. Providing patient education and care are essential and I will integrate that into my treatments to help provide the most effective treatment possible. ” 


Anita Rahimi

Anita is in her final year of school at West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Having the chance to help others with their needs is a motivating drive for Anita and exactly what pushed her into going into this career. 

Anita has a passion for physical and mental growth, wanting to help the people around her be able to feel their best and to improve her clients overall functional ability while also relaxing the mind and body. She is hoping in her practice she can help individuals by giving the most beneficial and effective treatments. She is always up for a challenge, allowing herself to think outside the box and wanting to always gain more knowledge and experience. Her goal as an intern is to give a therapeutic, relaxing massage to allow her patients to feel astounding, stress free and overall amazing. By using a variety of her skills she is hoping to accomplish these goals and having others leave with a smile on their faces.

She has a thrive for the fitness lifestyle, doing weight lifting almost everyday and on her free time you can find her going on hikes or journaling by the beach. Anita’s services cannot be billed to insurance at this time. 

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Registered Clinical

Aditi Jasra

Aditi is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). She also holds an MBA which she completed in 2004 so is very familiar with stressors of the corporate world and is passionate about helping her clients deal with mental health challenges including but not limited to anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma through person centered, culturally sensitive, mindfulness based approaches. She works collaboratively with her clients to help them feel safe, strong and fully supported.

She is trained in Emotion focused therapy through Vancouver Couple and Family Institute and also often uses somatic approaches, OEI, CBT, Solution focused and MBCT in her work with the clients. She enjoys working with couples and youth and has been actively involved with Kids Help Phone since last couple years. With knowledge of multiple languages, she is comfortable working with people from diverse backgrounds.

Registered Kinesiologist


Rose Batala


Rose graduated from University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus in 2021 with her major in Kinesiology and her minor in Psychology. She is a Registered Kinesiologist with the BCAK. Kinesiology is the exploration of biomechanical processes of the body used to restore function and optimize human performance.

Rose has found her passion of rehab training through Pilates inspired exercises and takes great pride incorporating her Pilates background into her rehab programs for her patients. Rose is also well familiar with using the Pilates reformer and conducts some of her rehab exercises using the Reformer at the clinic. Rose is always in search of new opportunities to advance her knowledge and strives to improve the quality of life of all her patients through evidence-based practice. In her free time Rose enjoys hiking, baking and trying new exercises and workouts.

Shinpiden Reiki Master

Shinpiden Reiki

Sean Rougeau Shinpiden Reiki Master

Sean Rougeau

Sean Rougeau is a Shinpiden Reiki Master using Usui Ryoho Reiki. Through many years of practice and training he has learned how to harness the universal energy around us to help people with their own natural ability to heal. He has worked with people throughout his career of 25+ years to support their learning and managing behaviours and emotions in a way that allows them to live up to their full potential. He has been able to use Reiki energy to help others regulate and balance themselves.

Working through Reiki, universal energy is transferred from the practitioner to the patient using a technique called ‘palm healing’ or ‘hands-on healing’ to promote emotional and physical restoration. Developed in Japan in the 1800’s, Reiki is a form of gentle energy healing. It uses gentle touch to reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression. Reiki also helps to overcome insomnia and generate deep sleep and relaxation by balancing the body’s energy, so it can heal.

Sean is passionate about working with others and offering his skills as an energy healer. He continues to strengthen his skills to make a difference in people’s health and well-being. When Sean is not working, he enjoys spending time with his large family, playing ball hockey and travelling.



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