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The pain keeps you up at night and all you have been given are pain medications but that only helped temporarily?

We are here to help! No medication, but some exercises, adjustments and non-invasive procedures.

Getting back to your active life without the pain and medications is possible. Let’s start the journey together.


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Motor Vehicle Accident?

Are you in pain and overwhelmed after your car accident?

Car accidents are stressful enough and we know how hard it can be to navigate the changes afterward. We have made it easy for you to show up at our clinic and receive care without needing to worry about payments and approvals.

We listen, we respond, we care.

All patients are covered for chiropractic, massage, active rehab and counselling services through ICBC without needing a referral (first 12 weeks). You can even combine multiple disciplines at the same time (we recommend this). Don’t live with pain, treat it today! Check our practitioner availabilities online and start your care this week. Find more info about ICBC car accident treatment.

Dr. Kimiya, has helped me tremendously. I started Chiro 1 year after my accident I wish I had found her sooner. She listens to me and my concerns. I love how Kimiya can just touch my body and point out my troubled areas. I have been seeing her for almost a year now and she has helped me so much especially with pain management techniques through self massage and exercises. She has helped me to recognize what works for my body and what does not. I am more aware and able to identify what is not helping my body. Kimiya’s explanations are very clear and precise. I feel better after each treatment. I love how her treatments are well balanced and she never overworks my body.
One of the most knowledgeable, patient and caring doctors I have ever met. I highly recommend her!

R 2020-12-14

Google 5 Stars

It has been a gift from the universe to have found Dr. Kimiya Sabbaghan as my chiropractor. She is an absolute ray of sunshine, caring, constantly checking in with me during treatments as to how I am feeling. She listens and actually hears what I am saying and works together with me. I don’t feel just like a “number” in her office. Kimiya has been treating my lower back/ hip issues as well as my Vertigo spells with the Epley maneuver.
Not only does she do chiropractic adjustments, she spends the whole 20 mins also doing massage, active release, cupping, physio movements as well as stretches to take home.
She has gone above and beyond with her patient care and creates a “safe place” where it allows your own body to work with her for ultimate results. I walk out every time feeling light and high for how good I feel after treatments. It’s like she is in tuned with your needs of care and has the magic to deliver results. I highly recommend her!

M J 2019-05-19

Google 5 Stars

I have been seeing Kimiya for a few years now and she is one of the most thorough, kind and communicative health practitioners I’ve ever worked with. She helped me through neck, shoulder and nerve issues I suffered through for years; I tried weekly massage for 2 years but it only took 5 sessions with Kimiya to fix it and helped me understand it. I fully recommend Kimiya as a chiropractor.

S P 2021-09-28

Google 5 Stars
Google 5 star reviews

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