Are you receiving individualized care from your doctor? Or you may have heard the terms such as “patient-centred care” or “individualized treatment plans”. These terms have become popular to use but only few understand their true meaning as it relates to their care.

Here are 4 basic checklists that you as a patient should look for when you visit any of your health care providers, including your family physicians:

1. Sufficient time to allow for a detailed health history and examination.
Did your provider take the time to explain to you their findings? Or design a treatment plan unique to your condition?

2. Your provider takes the time to learn your health values, goals and expectations leading to individualized care.
Did you feel like they treated you for your unique problems? Or were you just like another number in the office?

3. Your provider takes the time to explain your diagnosis.
Did they spend time explaining why it may have happened and suggesting an appropriate treatment plan?

4. Your provider offers you at least 3 therapies when unable to help with your specific condition.
Remember, all treatment plans need to be re-evaluated in a patient-centred clinical setting. If the current treatment plan is not rendering the desired results, alternative medications or treatment strategies need to be offered and explained. This allows the patient to choose alternatives that may work best with their lifestyle and gives them the ability to be involved in their own care.

When all these components are met, it means you are treated as a unique individual, with a unique set of problems that require its own unique approach for care. This is the true definition of “patient-centred care” and “individualized treatment plans”.

Patient-Centred Care at Fulcrum Therapy

At Fulcrum Therapy, patient-centred care is at the core of our culture, what we firmly believe in and stand by. We believe every patient that walks in through our door is unique and deserves an individualized treatment plan designed for their unique set of conditions.

We are also a team of multidisciplinary individuals! When we assess that you may also benefit by combining other modalities for faster results, we will ensure to let you know and refer you to the right team member that can co-treat you for a speedy recovery. The truth is, you are simply injured and trying to get better. And we are here to make that happen in the least complicated way possible!

Book your initial assessment today with one of our qualified practitioners and get started.
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