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Emily C.
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Dr. Kimiya is a lifesaver! When I first came to see her I could not stand up straight as I had injured my back.

Although I’d always been reluctant to see a chiro before, I just had a feeling chiropractic care was exactly what I needed. I walked out able to stand straight again and since then I have been back a few times to help with some pain and alignment issues I’ve dealt with for years.

I have no insurance and no complaints- the care provided is worth every penny. Thank you Dr. Kimiya for saving my career and my ability to keep up with my child.
Wendy L.
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Love that they have all the services in one location.
Nicole F.
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Dr. Casey Gero is one of the best chiropractors in the area! I will follow her anywhere. I've also been seeing Farshid for acupuncture and always feel so much more relaxed! Amazing team ❤️
Kathrine A.
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I feel so fortunate to have found this clinic and to have worked with so many amazing practitioners who are also great people.

I’ve been going to Fulcrum therapy for almost two months, and this clinic has helped me through a never-before experienced injury that affected my daily life and work.

I not only had to overcome pain and strengthen my body, I also now have to relearn what it is like to move again in a healthy way. Over time bad posture and lack of knowledge causes consequences… but everyone I’ve seen at Fulcrum has helped me through this journey and taught me more about my body.

I feel way more confident, stronger and cared for, from booking to walking out of treatment and everything in between. You won’t regret!
Laura V.
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I reached out to Fulcrum Therapy when I hurt my lower back, hip and leg, and after repeat chiro sessions with Dr. Kimiya Sabbaghan and massage therapy sessions with Harold Keech I am back being active!

I can't recommend these two professionals enough and I continue my sessions with both of them to support my road to full recovery and hopefully to maintenance in the near future.
Doukissa S.
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Kimiya at Fulcrum Therapy is a game-changer! Her expertise in chiropractic care worked wonders for my back pain and vertigo issues.

With a personalized approach and a keen understanding of my needs, Kimiya's treatments have been incredibly effective.

The friendly atmosphere at Fulcrum Therapy and Kimiya's professionalism make each visit a pleasure.

I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking relief and expert care. Thanks to Kimiya, I'm feeling better than ever!
Margarita T.
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A lovely place! Everyone is friendly and super helpful.

Kimiya has been my chiro for a while now and she has helped me so much. When we couldn't figure out what was going on, she tried new strategies and exercises until it worked.

I am so thankful for her and everyone at Fulcrum! Definitely recommend.
Sara P.
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I have chiropractic, massage, kinsuology & acupancture with fulcrum therapy centre. They are all professional and nice.

It was a very pleasant exoerience fir me . I recommemded thus centre to my freinds and every one . I like specially Dr. KIMIA , thr best in chiropractic
Samantha G.
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I saw Dr. Kimiya throughout my second and third trimesters of pregnancy for pelvic/low back pain, and I honestly think it's what allowed me to keep moving pain-free until delivery.

Dr. Kimiya was thorough with her assessment and treatments, and even checked in with me via email to see how I was doing postpartum.

Highly recommend seeing her for prenatal concerns- it's worth it!

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