Active Release Techniques


Are you suffering from chronic tightness and can’t seem to get long lasting relief?

Are you experiencing numbness and tingling or sharp pains in your leg or arms and not sure what therapy is right for you?

Our full body Active Release therapists have got the answers to your problems. This modality has proven to be effective in treating many chronic conditions such as Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel and Sciatica time after time.

This service is provided through chiropractic care and performed by a full body certified active release therapist.

You might be wondering how ART is different than other soft tissue therapies. Active release uses the patient’s own movements through an active range of motion to build the proper tension needed to release the adhesions or “tight muscles’ that have developed due to overuse, injuries or neural compressions.



  • Get strained or sprained (ex. muscle pull) in acute situations such as sports related ankle sprains or groin pulls
  • Accumulate small tears through micro-traumas and overuse injuries  ex. Sitting behind a desk for an extended period of time
  • Become hypoxic if not receiving enough oxygen due to prolonged compression on the area ex. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Conditions that ART can help with:

Tennis elbow or Golfer’s elbow

Sciatica and lower back pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chronic tension headaches and neck stiffness

Knee pain, shoulder pain and more!


Do I need my general physician's referral to book an appointment?

You do not need a GP referral. 

Can I do Active Release Techniques on myself?

It is very hard to do this technique yourself since you need to be qualified to do it correctly. In addition, you can not relax fully when you are doing this to yourself so it is not as effective.

How long does Active Release Technique take to work?

This technique usually provides immediate relief and when repeated in multiple sessions, the results can accumulate. It is recommended to combine them with exercise therapy and chiropractic treatments for superior results.

Dr. Kimiya is a miracle worker for my body. I’ve been doing Active Release work on my shoulders for a couple of years now, but have recently also had issues with my lower back. Kimiya is very kind, and knows what she’s doing! She doesn’t make me feel silly for reaggravating my muscles, works with me to figure out the cause of my pain, and how to prevent it from reoccuring (if possible). She also sends me home with exercises and stretches (which she demonstrates, even if it means laying on the floor) to help my muscles in between appointments. If you’re looking for a chiropractor who cares about you and your body, look no further than Dr. Kimiya Sabbaghan.

J D 2019-03-16

Google 5 Stars

I would say my exp with Kamiya was very pleasant as she’s so nice and certainly knows what she’s doing. She showed me quite a few helpful tricks that really helped me relived from daily fatigue. I would definitely recommend this place!

B Q 2022-06-15

Google 5 Stars

So excited to hear that Dr. Amber Chong has joined the clinic! I’ve been treated by her in the past and she is so friendly and knowledgeable. Her adjustments always made me feel great!

C S 2022-06-08

Google 5 Stars

I saw Dr. Amber here and my whole experience was great! She is such a compassionate chiropractor and prioritizes making her patients feel comfortable and heard during the visit while addressing their concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Amber to all my friends and family!

J C 2022-06-08

Google 5 Stars
Google 5 star reviews

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