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Cupping Treatment in Coquitlam

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient method used for centuries to treat painful conditions. The cups aim to create areas of negative pressure through heat or vacuums.

The pressure pulls skin away from underlying tissues and improves circulation and facial glide in the targeted regions.

At Fulcrum Therapy, our therapists offer different types of cupping therapy as part of the treatment modalities. Dr. Kimiya and Dr. Amber as our chiropractors provide cupping therapy using vacuums.

Along with the cupping treatment our chiropractic doctors provide, there are also acupuncture treatment sessions in which our therapists offers both vacuum cupping as well as glass cupping using heat.

What Is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy is using cups (silicone or glass) to create negative pressure against the body. The pressure pulls skin up away from the rest of the tissues (muscles, facia, micro vessels and nerves) to improve circulation and glide at the affected region.

The therapists may leave the cups in place but also could move them around using a gliding lotion to target different areas of the back.

Cupping Therapy Services Do NOT Require A Doctor’s Referral.

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How Does Cupping Work?

The mechanism of action of cupping is still being researched and there are few theories as to how it works.

Pain Gate Theory

When our bodies are exposed to a painful signal, these signals are carried through nerves into our spinal cord for our brain to receive the pain signal. With the placement of the cups and their effect, we are also sending signals through the same pathways to the brain which influences the communication routes of the pain transmission pathways.

In theory, we are interfering with the way our body communicates pain with our brain and we can help “override” this communication through cupping.

Blood Flow Increase

Another action mechanism of cupping is through increased circulation and removal of stagnant waste material in the injured tissue.

Cupping allows more space between the skin and the underlying tissues such as muscles, nerves and micro vessels and improves inter tissue glide, allowing for more flexibility and feeling “less tension” in the targeted areas.

Cupping therapy is an ancient treatment method using cups to pull skin away from underlying tissues.

What is Cupping Massage?

Cupping massage is similar to a massage but with the use of Silicone cups and gliding lotion to allow for the cups to move around. The therapist can move the cups in broad stroke patterns on the back targeting all areas of the back to improve fascial glide and circulation.

Different Types of Cupping

There are different types of cupping. They include dry cupping, flash cupping, wet cupping and massage cupping.

Dry Cupping

In Dry Cupping, the cups are static and not moved. The pressure is created through a pump or heat and the cups are kept in one place for 10-15 minutes. The therapists can control the amount of pressure applied based on the patient’s comfort levels.

Flash Cupping

You may have heard of Flash cupping as empty cupping. This involves quick suctions of medium to light pressure over the targeted area and the cups are applied for short times less than 30 seconds.

Wet Cupping

Wet cupping is also referred to as bloodletting cupping. This is the type most commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and involves scraping of the skin before applying the cups to suck the blood. This type usually has a higher risk of infection and scar development and is less commonly practiced in North America.

Massage Cupping

Cupping massage is similar to a massage but with the use of Silicone cups and gliding lotion to allow for the cups to move around. The therapist can move the cups in broad stroke patterns on the back targeting all areas of the back to improve fascial glide and circulation.


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Benefits of Cupping Treatment?

There are many benefits known for cupping massage and treatment. Some of them are mentioned below:

Improved Circulation and Clearance of Toxins

With cupping, we are encouraging blood flow to the affected region. With improved blood flow to the painful area, we encourage cleansing of toxins and removal of waste material that has been stagnant causing pain and inflammation.

Reduction of Pain

As described above, cupping has a powerful effect on the pain pathways that travel to our brain. Through the Pain Gate Theory, cupping is able to interfere with the pain signals that travel to our brain and impact the communication.

The end result is that our brain does not get the full pain signal interpreted and we experience a reduction in pain as a final result.

What Does Cupping Feel Like?

Patients generally describe a session of cupping therapy as very soothing and relaxing. We have had patients that fall asleep during the sessions. Cupping is generally not painful, and if there is pain, just inform your practitioner to reduce the pressure to ensure an enjoyable experience is provided.

Cupping therapy is an alternative type of medicine used to reduce pains and remove toxins from your body.

What Can I Expect During and After Cupping Treatment?

At Fulcrum Therapy, we do not charge extra for cupping therapy.

We strongly believe that each individual needs to be properly evaluated and assessed in order for our practitioners to be able to recommend a best course of action. Therefore, if we see that you may benefit from cupping therapy, we include it as part of your treatment at no extra cost to you.

You can be certain that when you book your initial visit, we take our time to get to know you and explain all your treatment options in depth. We make suggestions and recommendations as to which therapy modality would be most suitable for you.

If cupping is something you are interested in and there are no chances for harm, we would be happy to provide that to you during your regular visits.


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