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Specialized Infant Chiropractic Care in Coquitlam

Dr. Amber K. in an infant chiropractic treatment session.

During childbirth, babies undergo significant physiological changes, which can sometimes result in physical or emotional trauma known as birth trauma.

Physical birth trauma may involve injuries from interventions like forceps or vacuum extraction, leading to conditions such as torticollis, strained muscles or ligaments, or nerve tension.

Emotional trauma can impact feeding, sleeping, or bonding.
At Fulcrum Therapy, we understand that birthing is not only a challenging journey for the mother but also for the newborns.

Our infant chiropractic services are designed to address and alleviate the physical and emotional impacts of birth trauma, helping your baby achieve optimal health and development by releasing any tension and stress placed on their body through the birthing process.

During childbirth, babies can experience physical or emotional trauma known as birth trauma.

Physical injuries may include torticollis, strained muscles, or nerve tension, while emotional trauma can impact feeding, sleeping, or bonding.

At Fulcrum Therapy, our infant chiropractic services address these issues, helping your baby achieve optimal health and development by releasing tension and stress from the birthing process.

Dr. Amber K. in an infant chiropractic treatment session.

Health Benefits of Infant Chiropractic

Infant chiropractic care offers numerous benefits for your baby’s overall well-being and development:

  • Improved Sleep Quality: Gentle adjustments can enhance your baby’s sleep patterns.
  • Enhanced Relaxation and Self-Regulation: Helps in calming your baby and improving their ability to self-soothe.
  • Boosted Neurological Development: Supports overall brain and nervous system development.
  • Relief from Discomforts: Alleviates gas, colic, and teething discomfort.

Conditions Treated with Infant Chiropractic

Our infant chiropractic services address a range of common conditions that can affect your baby’s health and development:

Book an Assessment Session for Your Baby Now

Book an Assessment Session for Your Baby Now

Meet Our Coquitlam Infant Chiropractor

Dr. Amber Kenmuir is our new registered chiropractor at Fulcrum Therapy.

Dr. Amber Kenmuir

Doctor of Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say

Margarita T.
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A lovely place! Everyone is friendly and super helpful. Kimiya has been my chiro for a while now and she has helped me so much. When we couldn't figure out what was going on, she tried new strategies and exercises until it worked. I am so thankful for her and everyone at Fulcrum! Definitely recommend.
Laura V.
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I reached out to Fulcrum Therapy when I hurt my lower back, hip and leg, and after repeat chiro sessions with Dr. Kimiya Sabbaghan and massage therapy sessions with Harold Keech I am back being active! I can't recommend these two professionals enough and I continue my sessions with both of them to support my road to full recovery and hopefully to maintenance in the near future.
Desiree L.
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Dr. Casey is excellent at active release chiropractic care. Genuinely cares for the patient, recommends practical exercises, life style changes and has honest conversation with patient to help improve condition. I feel better after my visits. Not a chiro that will ask you to come back 2-3x a week.
Melissa C.
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I’m so glad to have found Fulcrum. I felt welcomed from my first steps into the clinic. I get chiro services with Dr. Amber. She is attentive and works with me and never feel rushed even though the appt time is set. Def recommendz
Emily C.
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Dr. Kimiya is a lifesaver! When I first came to see her I could not stand up straight as I had injured my back. Although I’d always been reluctant to see a chiro before, I just had a feeling chiropractic care was exactly what I needed. I walked out able to stand straight again and since then I have been back a few times to help with some pain and alignment issues I’ve dealt with for years. I have no insurance and no complaints- the care provided is worth every penny. Thank you Dr. Kimiya for saving my career and my ability to keep up with my child.

What to Expect in Our Infant Chiropractic Treatment Sessions?

At Fulcrum Therapy, our approach to infant chiropractic includes:

  • Comprehensive Assessment: Identifying trigger points and developing personalized treatment plans.
  • Extremely gentle and light touch Adjustments: Gentle spinal adjustments using soft touch and fingertip pressure to assist the spine’s mobility and alignment.
  • Craniosacral Therapy: Integrating craniosacral therapy when appropriate to release tension and improve function.

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Why Choose Fulcrum Therapy

Caring for a newborn comes with many challenges. Our expert chiropractors at Fulcrum Therapy help you understand the root causes of your baby’s issues and provide expert advice to help you focus on precious and happy moments.

We offer compassionate, patient-centered chiropractic care, empowering parents with the knowledge and skills to support their child’s health and well-being through the power of touch.

Infant Chiropractic Frequently Asked Questions

Both infant chiropractic and infant massage help identify tension and stress in a newborn’s body.

If you notice your baby displaying signs of discomfort, excessive crying, digestion issues, etc., we recommend having your baby assessed by both our chiropractor and massage therapist.

Each practitioner offers unique expertise and skills to identify and resolve the underlying cause.

We strongly believe in a collaborative approach and that the best results are achieved when practitioners work as a team, providing more than one expert opinion to help your baby find relief quickly.

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