Massage Therapy

The term massage therapy is an umbrella term that includes various different techniques and types of massages.

In Canada, the most common type is called Swedish massage which can involve long kneading strokes and other techniques such as percussion, kneading, vibration, tapping and rolling.

Various types of massages have different purposes and are used in different situations.

Relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, trigger point massage, hot stone massage, Thai massage; these are just a few out of many types of massage techniques available.

It is important to clarify the type of massage you wish to receive as each massage type serves a specific purpose. However, if you are unsure, you can leave it at the discretion of your therapist to decide which specific massage style or technique is the most suitable for your needs.

What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy provided by a registered massage therapist is a hands-on technique involving therapeutic kneading, manipulation and movement of muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The massage therapist applies varying degrees of pressure using their hands to improve blood flow and tension in the involved soft tissues to assist in reducing muscular tension as well as facilitating the nervous system to relax for an overall mental and physical relaxation experience.

Massage therapy is not only beneficial for relaxation, but also a treatment method for chronic pains.

Other styles include sports massageclinical massage to accomplish specific goals such as releasing muscle spasms or specific injury healing.

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Who Is a Massage Therapist?

Registered Massage Therapists (RMT) in British Columbia are healthcare professionals trained in the art and science of manual therapy through therapeutic massage. Professional massage therapists are committed to restoring and maintaining optimal health for their patients.

They are educated to assess and treat using techniques such as soft tissue massagetrigger point releasesjoint mobilizationhydrotherapyrehabilitative exercise and patient education.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage works through various mechanisms to provide overall pain reduction. Below are some of its benefits:

There are a wide range of pains that can be treated by massage therapy like headache, neck and shoulder pain, etc.

These Conditions Can Be Treated Using Massage Therapy

Along with pain treatment methods like chiropractic care and physiotherapy we provide at Fulcrum Therapy health and wellness clinic based in Coquitlam, massage therapy could also be very beneficial for a wide range of body pains listed below:

We also offer:

Pregnancy (Prenatal/Postnatal) Massage

Pregnancy massage includes prenatal and postnatal massage. The benefits are reducing tight and sore muscles, achy joints, leg cramps, insomnia and mood swings.

Receiving regular massage therapy at all stages of pregnancy is highly recommended. Research shows that prenatal massage is effective for decreasing stress hormones that contribute to anxiety and pain.

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