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Most Common Muscle Pains During the Christmas Holidays

Getting muscle pains and aches is so common during christmas holidays.

Christmas is a magical time of the year. There is something very special about pulling out the Christmas Tree from the storage, putting up the pretty lights and ornaments as well as installing all the beautiful lights outside. The lights, the gorgeous decor, and delicious home-cooked meals are what Christmas is all about.

What you did not expect this holiday season is the sore back, neck and shoulders from carrying all the boxes and putting up the lights.

Most Common Muscle Aches During Christmas Holidays

Some pains are very common during the holidays. Often, pain can arise from doing activities outside the normal daily routines, such as being hunched over in the attic, lifting and carrying heavy boxes down or up the stairs, as well as installing decor and lights overhead.

Most Common Holiday Pains Are:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
A lady standing up on a ladder decorating a Christmas tree.

Lower Back Pain

Being in a bent over, hunched position and moving heavy boxes by bending and twisting is very hard on our back, especially because this is not a movement we perform on a daily basis.

Moving boxes and carrying them around to put up holiday decor is sometimes a full-day chore for some families, if not multiple. If you are feeling a sore muscle in your lower back this holiday season, don’t ignore the pain, and let us help you start the new year pain-free.

Neck Pain and Stiffness

Neck pain is another common complaint during the holidays. Putting up holiday lights, climbing up ladders, and doing tasks overhead with arms extended up can cause stiffness and tension in the neck and shoulders and can even cause headaches.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder stiffness, pain, and reduced range of motion are common symptoms that can occur after repetitive movements involving the shoulders and arms.

Putting up the holiday lights, as well as the holiday decor, can involve a significant amount of overhead work. Therefore, another very common issue that arises during the holidays is shoulder pain and stiffness. Sometimes, even the nerves can get impinged causing numbness or tingling down the arms.

What Should I Do to Get Rid of New Year’s Muscle Pains?

The fastest way to get rid of New Year’s muscle pain is to see a chiropractor or physiotherapist so they can assess and determine the root cause of the pain.

Your pain is likely related to overuse due to repetitive movements and activities, but in some cases, it can be joint or nerve-related.

DIY Tip to Get Rid of Your Pains

For home remedies, you can try a 20-minute stretching routine 2x/day, using heat and rollers to alleviate symptoms.

If your pain is not going away and following you into the new year, this is a sign to seek professional help and start the year in good health.

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