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Shoulder Pain Treatment in Coquitlam

Shoulder injury is a very common pain which might occur due to various reasons like poor posture, wrong motions, heavy lifting, etc.

Did you know the shoulder is a ball and socket joint and is considered the most mobile joint in our body?

Shoulder injuries are among the most prevalent injuries of the body and can affect people of all ages.

In younger individuals, injuries tend to be related to falls, sport injury or repetitive overuse from work or poor posture.

In older individuals, we start to see more cases of frozen shoulder, arthritis (were and tear of the joint) and calcific tendinitis.

Shoulder pain is a generalized term often used by patients to describe a hindrance to function with regards to the shoulder.

This dysfunction can be a feeling of stiffness, reduced mobility and flexibility, dull ache or sharp shooting pain at rest or with movement as well as a feeling of weakness, numbness and tingling locally or radiating down the arm.

Shoulder injuries present differently based on the diagnosis and can involve joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments and can be accompanied by neck pain and back pain. 

Shoulder Pain Common Causes

Pain in shoulder may occur due to several reasons which we are going to discuss just a few. Some of your shoulder pain causes could be:

Shoulder Pain Symptoms

Shoulder pain symptoms differ among individuals due to the diverse causes and underlying issues associated with it. The following symptoms are the most common ones:

Shoulder Pain Treatment Options

When your shoulder hurts or doesn’t work right, it means something’s not quite right in your shoulder joint.

It’s super important to deal with these shoulder problems early on. Usually, treating them sooner can stop the pain from getting worse or make it go away completely.

There are various treatment options available for shoulder pain; however, the following ones are more common:

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