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Treatment for Hip Pain in Coquitlam

Hip pain which is usually caused by arthritis leads to inflammation of the hip joint and breakdown of the cartilage.

Hip joint is a ball and socket synovial joint designed for multi-axial movement, hence our hips are mobile joints and stiffness in the hips may present as a source of pain and discomfort in the body.

The hip is also surrounded by articular cartilage that allows the hip joint to rotate and glide within its socket which allows for the large degree of range of motion in our hip joints.

Hip pain is a common complaint among individuals of all ages. This pain can be challenging to diagnose as there are many differential diagnoses that include intra articular and extra articular pathologies and these vary by age.

Common Causes of Hip Pain

Pain in the hip joint have several reasons among which some are more common. The usual causes are mentioned below:

Suffering from Hip Pain or Cartilage Breakdown?

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Symptoms of Hip Pain

Hip is a complex joint and depending on which part of the hip and which structures are affected, the symptoms can vary. Typical symptoms of pain in the hip can include but are not limited to:

Treatment Options for Hip Pain

As of the complexity of Hip Joint and as it’s designed for movement, treatment of the hip involves identifying the injured structure, differentially diagnosing the issue is important as treatment strategies may vary depending on the diagnosis.

At Fulcrum Therapy, the following treatments are available for those who suffer from hip pain:

Why Choose Fulcrum Therapy Hip Pain Treatments?

At Fulcrum Therapy, chiropractors, kinesiologists and exercise therapists work together and collaboratively to treat our patients. It may seem very confusing when deciding which practitioner to see for which problem.

This is difficult because all disciplines and practitioners can assist in their own way in helping the issue. What works incredibly well for our patients at Fulcrum is our multidisciplinary approach, practitioner communication and making appropriate recommendations when we believe combining another therapy may speed up the healing process for our patients.

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