Kinesiology is the art of providing personal treatments for preventing body movement dysfunctions.

Have you ever been injured from a sports related injury or a car crash and wasn’t sure what is the right of treatment for you? This is where a kinesiologist comes into play.

With Fulcrum Therapy’s integrative approach, kinesiologists work closely with physiotherapychiropractic and massage therapy professionals to supplement your rehab through stretch and exercise prescription to help you reach your goals fastests.


Kinesiology is the study and science of human movement and biomechanics, exercise prescription and injury prevention. All kinesiologists have graduated a 4 year bachelors degree program from an accredited institution and are well versed with the science of human movement and exercise therapy.

Kinesiology sessions are private individualized treatment sessions led by a registered kinesiologist to focus on body movement mechanics, proper stretching and recovery exercises as well as improving strength and muscle mass.

In the initial visit, the kinesiologist will ask you a series of questions to learn more about you as a person, your goals and fitness level, she will walk you through a series of motion tests to better understand your body’s limitations and challenges. An individualized program is then designed for you, appropriate for your fitness level and goals aiming towards helping you move better and feeling stronger or more flexible, whatever your goal may be.

How Can a Kinesiologist Help You?

Are you injured in a car crash? Suffering from a recurrent or chronic sports injury that just won’t go away?

Are you working with a therapist but there is not enough progression or time to dive in depth on your exercise program?

This is when a kinesiologist really comes into play. At Fulcrum Therapy, our practitioners work closely together to ensure that you have an individualized treatment plan for you but also that you stay on it. Our Coquitlam practitioners discuss your diagnosis and our kinesiologists are able to take a much longer time diving in depth to your exercise program.

  • We make sure you are performing the exercises correctly.
  • We make sure exercises are suitable for your fitness levels.
  • We challenge you and constantly teach you new rehab specific exercises to get you closer to your goal and injury recovery.
  • It is never boring, you work with someone that holds you accountable.


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Meet Our Coquitlam Registered Kinesiologist

Pilates instructor

Rose Batala

Registered Kinesiologist

Kinesiology Sessions Do NOT Require A Doctor’s Referral.

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