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Kinesiology Active Rehab in Coquitlam

Active rehabilitation is a private exercise session that works on body mechanics to improve muscle mass.

Have you ever been injured from a sports related injury or a car crash and wasn’t sure what is the right of treatment for you? This is where a kinesiology active rehabilitation program comes into play to help you get back your motion.

Active Rehabilitation is a program that is run by a licensed and registered kinesiologist. Think similar to personal training but more tailored towards injury education, injury prevention and movement awareness.

Kinesiology Active Rehab sessions are private individualized treatment sessions led by a registered kinesiologist to focus on body movement mechanics, proper stretching and recovery exercises as well as improving strength and muscle mass.

What to Expect in an Active Rehab Session?

In the initial visit, the kinesiologist will ask you a series of questions to learn more about you as a person, your goals and fitness level, she will walk you through a series of motion tests to better understand your body’s limitations and challenges.

An individualized program is then designed for you, appropriate for your fitness level and goals aiming towards helping you move better and feeling stronger or more flexible, whatever your goal may be.

Health Benefits of Active Rehabilitation

Active recovery programs have several benefits for your health improvement. Some of them include:

Active rehabilitation have several health benefits for the body as a whole.

ICBC Active Rehab & Kinesiology Programs

At our body health clinic, you can choose to do your active rehabilitation session the traditional way or with a twist integrating Pilates to achieve your recovery goals.

Pilates is a form of exercise that uses specific movements and cues to improve posture, flexibility, and mobility.

At Fulcrum Body Wellness Clinic, we have the resources to offer a unique approach to the ICBC active rehab program. This approach allows us to integrate Pilates-based exercises and fundamentals into your injury recovery plan using a reformer.

A Pilates reformer is a sophisticated apparatus that can enhance your ICBC injury recovery experience and is appropriate and adjustable to suit your individual recovery needs.

Pilates combined with ICBC active rehab is optional, does not cost extra, and is completely adjusted to your comfort level. This new approach is suitable for either males or females from young to old. It is modifiable to suit the level and type of injury.

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Meet Our Coquitlam Registered Kinesiologists

Joanna Chiu is one of our Coquitlam registered kinesiologists at Fulcrum Therapy.

Joanna Chiu

Registered Kinesiologist

Romina is our new kinesiologist just added to Fulcrum Therapy team.

Romina Allameh

Registered Kinesiologist

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