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Custom Orthotics at Fulcrum Therapy

Before we set you up, we conduct a full analysis and observation of your posture and gait mechanics in combination with orthopedic testing to ensure you are a good candidate for custom orthotics. If there are complicating factors, we may refer you to a podiatrist for further investigation. If we find you are a good fit, we get custom measurements of your feet to ensure your orthotics are the right fit for you.

To inquire further about this service, give us a call at 604-917-0777 or book your initial custom orthotics appointment online so we can determine how we can help you achieve your goals faster.

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About Custom Orthotics

Our feet are the foundation of how we stand upright and they play a fundamental role in our overall standing and walking posture. If for any reason, our feet are not fat their optimal health, it can result in issues such as feet, knee and even lower back pain, especially with certain activities such as walking and running.

5 Benefits of Foot Orthotics

  • Control biomechanical alignment of your joints
  • Correct or accommodate deformities such as flat feet or collapsed arches
  • Protect and prevent injuries
  • Assist in rehabilitation
  • Reduce pain and increase mobility
Are custom orthotics worth it?

Ask your chiropractor or physiotherapist if they think you need one based on your movement mechanics and the wear and tear of your older shoes.

How long do custom orthotics last?

If worn daily, their lifetime is usually about 2-3 years. It also depends on the quality of the orthotics and how severe the condition of your feet is.

How much do custom orthotics cost?

The cost can range from CA$300-$600 depending on the type of orthotics you require.

Where to get custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics are best placed through your healthcare provider such as chiropractors or physiotherapists as they can assess your feet health and recommend the best product to suit your specific needs.

Custom Orthotics Do NOT Require A Doctor’s Referral.

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I saw Dr. Amber here and my whole experience was great! She is such a compassionate chiropractor and prioritizes making her patients feel comfortable and heard during the visit while addressing their concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Amber to all my friends and family!

J C 2022-06-08

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Dr. Kimiya’s patient-centered approach is evident in the care and attention that she gives to her patients. Her wealth of knowledge and multifaceted approach has been instrumental in maintaining my musculoskeletal health.

E F 2022-01-13

Google 5 Stars

Dr Kimiya is hands down the best chiropractor I’ve ever had. I’m 5 weeks postpartum, and she is helping me through my lower back pain post pregnancy. The improvement is amazing, and she always ensures that her treatments are right for me. Dr Kimiya is professional, incredibly knowledgeable, and truly cares.

L D 2022-06-22

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So excited to hear that Dr. Amber Chong has joined the clinic! I’ve been treated by her in the past and she is so friendly and knowledgeable. Her adjustments always made me feel great!

C S 2022-06-08

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Dr. Kimia at Fulcrum Therapy is the best chiropractor I ever had. She was my very first chiropractor and was gentle and progressive in her treatment approach. She was kind and gentle and made me at ease. I immediately fall in love with her therapeutic approach after my very first treatment. I experienced a big improvement in my quality of sleep and have less neck and back pain after seeing her.

H S 2021-09

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Google 5 star reviews

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