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Post Surgical Rehab

A man getting post knee surgery exercise with the help of a physiotherapist.

Orthopedic surgeries have advanced tremendously over the last 10 years, and more people are opting for these surgeries to find relief from their chronic pain.

Some of the most common surgeries are hip and knee replacements.

Although these procedures can result in tremendous pain relief and return of function for the patient, it is crucial to have a well-established pre and post-rehab phase to ensure the body is in optimal condition to undergo the procedure and also to recover and heal the fastest afterward.

What is Post Surgical Rehabilitation?

Post-surgical rehab refers to rehabilitation that takes place after one receives surgery.

There are different phases to post-surgical rehab from day 1 after the surgery until full healing has occurred. Everyone who receives orthopedic surgery must work with a trained professional who can provide the appropriate post-surgical rehab at the different stages of healing.

Working with a team that can provide various types of therapies such as pain relief, range of motion, and strengthening exercises has fantastic results. Those who participate in a rehabilitation program as above tend to have improved healing time and superior function after recovery.

The most common surgeries after which patients benefit from post-surgical rehabilitation are:

  • Knee Replacements

  • Hip Replacements

  • Ankle and Foot Bone Surgery

  • Bunion Surgery

  • Tendon Repair Surgery

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Benefits of Post Surgical Rehab Physiotherapy

Post surgical rehabilitation is such an important part of optimal recovery after surgery that we strongly believe it should not be optional but a required phase of one’s journey.

Those who participate in post surgical rehab gain tremendous benefits and return to function at a faster rate than peers who leave the area to heal on its own.

Post-surgical rehab benefits include but not limited to:

What to Expect in a Post-Operative Physical Therapy Session?

We recommend post-operative physical therapy sessions to be done in phases and conducted through a teamwork approach. Stages are as follows:

  1. The initial stage is reducing inflammation. This phase requires passive modalities and can be best performed by physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists.

  2. The 2nd phase is working on passive and active range of motion weight bearing and weight bearing. All the above practitioners can help with this phase tremendously.

  3. The 3rd stage is improving strength and muscle engagement in the affected area. Working with a registered kinesiologist or a physiotherapist/chiropractor that have an active approach is appropriate at this phase.

  4. Working towards increasing resistance, weight-bearing, and higher impact types of activities is the next phase to prepare you for the real world. At this point, practitioners work together to ensure the area can withhold appropriate forces and that you also feel confident to use the affected area for your day-to-day movements and activities of daily living.

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