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Physiotherapy is the science and practice of body mechanics, body movement as it corresponds to injury, movement limitations, disability, stiffness and pain.

Physiotherapists have training and a deep understanding of various injuries affecting the body and understand the treatment protocols and rehabilitation phases to help an individual heal from their illness or injury.

Furthermore, physiotherapy is also a preventative therapy and through a combination of manual therapy and exercise therapy, it can teach patients to avoid injuries by improving their flexibility and strength.

Depending on the nature of your injury, physiotherapists decide the best next course of action for your injury recovery and will give you appropriate recommendations accordingly.

They use a variety of different tools and techniques based on your comfort level and also what they believe can help you get better and back to full function faster.

Common Conditions Treated with Physiotherapy

If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms, physiotherapy treatment could bring you pain relief.

Suffering from Any of These Symptoms?

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We also offer special physiotherapy services for:

Exercise can be in the form that relates to performing everyday activities of daily living such as getting in and out of bed, preparing breakfast and more. Modern physiotherapy should not focus just on passive treatment in cases of chronic pain.

Our physiotherapists have extensive training to assist in key components essential for treatment of chronic pain. That is putting their focus on the individual patient’s needs and lifestyle through education, patient empowerment and promoting exercise through low risk movements that translate to activities of daily living.

Why Choose Fulcrum Therapy Physiotherapy Clinic?

According to the following reasons, fulcrum therapy could be the best choice for physiotherapy services:

  • Personalized and individualized approach- Our physiotherapists do not switch between rooms. During your visit, you have our full attention.
  • Manual Therapy approach – Although our physiotherapist has access to modalities, she believes a manual therapy approach can be a powerful technique to assist in pain and function.
  • Having extensive experience working with post surgical patients, our physiotherapist is well versed in the most recent evidence for a speedy post surgical rehab program and recovery.
  • We work with your extended health care providers and work out the details so you can focus on your treatment.
  • We accept ICBC (Insurace Corporation of British Columbia) and worksafe BC injuries and we work with you tirelessly until you have regained your full function back and are ready to get back to do the things you love to do.

Meet Our Coquitlam Registered Physiotherapist

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Aleksandra Kusiak

Aleksandra obtained her Masters of Physiotherapy in 2011 and has spent over 8 years.

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Aleksandra Is a Registered Physiotherapist Here to Help Coquitlam Patients.

Physiotherapy Sessions Fees

Initial Visit

$ 95
  • 30 Mins Session

Initial Visit

$ 120
  • 45 Mins Session

Subsequent Visit

$ 92
  • 30 Mins Session

Subsequent Visit - Extended

$ 120
  • 45 Mins Session

ICBC Initial Visit

$ 0
  • 30 Mins Session

ICBC Subsequent Visit

$ 0
  • 30 Mins Session

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Physiotherapy Treatments Do NOT Require A Doctor’s Referral.

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