Physiotherapy is traditionally the use and combination of manual therapy and exercise therapy to achieve optimal results and to heal from an injury. Our Coquitlam physiotherapists will conduct a full assessment in the initial visit and determine the best treatment plan for your specific injury. Depending on the nature of your injury, they decide the best next course of action for your injury recovery and will give you appropriate recommendations accordingly.

They use a variety of different tools and techniques based on your comfort level and also what they believe can help you get better and back to full function faster. Our physiotherapists and chiropractors have extensive training in using various modalities such as cupping, shockwave, laser, exercise therapy as well as pregnancy related pain to help you get back to your daily activities as soon as possible.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a profession that focuses on physical injuries affecting various parts of the body. The injuries can be acute or chronic and can be in any part of the body. Physiotherapists can conduct a full assessment of the body to better understand the source of the injury. They use various modalities or manual techniques to assist in recovery in addition to exercise therapy.

Who is a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists are licensed professionals regulated by the BC association of physiotherapists. All registered physiotherapists complete a 2 years masters degree in addition to their bachelor’s degree to become fully licensed in BC.

Our Coquitlam physiotherapist will conduct a full assessment during the initial visit and determine the best treatment plan for your specific injury. Depending on the nature of your injury, they decide the best next course of action for your injury recovery and will give you appropriate recommendations that you can try at home to speed up the healing process.

Physiotherapy Treatments Do NOT Require A Doctor’s Referral.

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Common Conditions Treated with Physiotherapy

If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms, physiotherapy treatment could bring you pain relief.

Neck Pain

Cervical spine injuries and associated headaches and neck pain are very common amongst individuals. The causes could be sudden trauma or repetitive overuse injuries, poor posture or poor sleeping habits. These injuries vary in severity and can present as neck stiffness, various types of headaches, pain in the jaw and even vertigo.

Sustained position without breaks and movements, poor mattress and pillow are other reasons why one may experience neck pain. Good news is, physiotherapy is extremely effective for the treatment of neck pain and headaches and treatments may involve manual therapy, soft tissue release and exercise therapy.

Back Pain

Back pain is an extremely common condition amongst Canadians. Upper back pain and lower back pain are frequently associated with sustained positions without movements, poor posture and poor lifting techniques.

Lower back pain can have many different causes and a thorough assessment and diagnosis is crucial to appropriate physiotherapy treatment. Remember not all back pains are the same, therefore the same stretches will not work for everybody. Ensure you get your back professionally checked by a physiotherapy if you are experiencing any type of back pain.

Sports Injuries

We have experience in treating a variety of sports injuries through manual therapy and rehabilitation that are movement based exercises. We have treated ligament tears, dislocations, chronic and recurrent injuries, impaired balance and can assist you in re-building strength and movement after surgery or after a sports injury.

If you have been injured while exercising or workout, physio treatments can help you gain recovery.


Tendinitis or tendinopathy is a general term that describes a painful condition that affects tendons in response to an overuse injury. Overuse injuries are common in office workers and prolonged use of the mouse, typing or athletes with repetitive movements.

A common component of therapy programs is a combination of stretching and strengthening. Physiotherapists also have access to other modalities such as ultrasound, shockwave and manual therapy. Eccentric exercise programs have been advocated heavily in the treatment of tendinopathy and our physiotherapists know how to incorporate these types of exercises into your rehab for optimal injury recovery.

Sciatica and Disk Herniations

Sciatica simply means inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Sciatic nerve is a branched nerve that originates from the spine and can sometimes become compressed as it traverses the Piriformis muscle in the buttock. This presents as buttock pain but could also present as pain, numbness and tingling down one leg.

Other contributing factors to sciatica could be spinal related such as disc bulges, disc herniation and nerve root compressions which could also be labeled as sciatica. It is important to ensure a proper physiotherapy assessment and diagnosis is performed to identify the nature of the leg pain and the contributing structures that are resulting in the presentation of sciatica.

Shoulder Pain and Frozen Shoulder

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint which allows for great mobility and large range of motion. Often shoulder restrictions are a result of soft tissue related injuries, most often repetitive overuse and sprain/strain injuries of the rotator cuff.

frozen shoulder and shoulder pain are two common types of shoulder related problems that could be treated by physiotherapy.

However, shoulder pain could also arise from Calcific Tendinitis, shoulder dislocations or the frozen shoulder. Through a series of Orthopedic assessments and careful observations, our physiotherapist at Fulcrum therapy clinic can accurately diagnose any shoulder injury and suggest the best course of treatment plan for your specific injury.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a type of tendinitis that affects the outside part of the elbow. This is a very painful condition and the pain can be debilitating. Treatment options for treatment of tendinopathies, specifically Tennis elbow includes but is not limited to manual therapy, active release therapy, shockwave therapy and combination with exercise therapy for superior results.

Plantar Fasciitis

This is a common diagnosis used to describe pain at the bottom of the feet. Plantar Fascia is a long ligament that runs from along the bottom of our feet. Tightness, adhesions or repetitive pressure from tight fitting shoes could result in irritation of this ligament.

Classic sign of Plantar Fasciitis is pain with the first few steps of the day or pain with standing up after a while of sitting. Treatment of this condition can be effectively done with manual therapy, ankle and foot bone mobilizations to restore proper biomechanics of our feet as well as Shockwave Therapy directed at the Plantar Fascia to facilitate healing time.

Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

Oftentimes we hear from patients sentences like “it’s just arthritis, nothing can be done” or “I have to live with this forever”. We want to challenge these statements because although arthritis is not reversible from a physiological level, the pain associated with the arthritis is.

Physiotherapy treatments are extremely effective in easing down joint pain associated with arthritis, not through manipulation but rather gentle mobilizations that promote circulation and aid in the joints gliding capabilities.

If your joints are inflamed or you have osteophyte formations or even joint fusion, physiotherapy can still help you by ensuring surrounding joints and body parts are functioning optimally which could slow down the onset of arthritis in those adjacent joints and prevent a chained pain reaction in the body from compensatory movements.

Hip Pain

Hip pain can be directly from the hip joint or it can be secondary to a dysfunction of the Sacroiliac joint. Other conditions such as Piriformis syndrome, hip dysplasia, hip Bursitis or impingement syndromes can also present as hip pain.

Hip pain is a broad and non descriptive pain and diagnosing the type of hip pain correctly requires a thorough history of the condition, specific and appropriate orthopedic tests by qualified practitioners such as physiotherapists. Your hip pain could really be a result of an SI joint dysfunction or a soft tissue injury. Treatment prognosis will vary depending on the etiology.

Knee Pain

The knee is a simple joint. Acute knee pain is often the result of blow to the knee but chronic and recurrent knee pain could indicate a biomechanical misalignment from the feet or the hips.


An assessment of lower body alignment could reveal insight as to why the knee hurts and physiotherapy can be a fast and effective solution to understanding your knee pain. Avoiding certain triggers and learning to correct your posture and alignment are some examples of how physiotherapy can help with knee pain.

Postural Dysfunction

Like many Canadians, you may have also started to migrate from working from your home. Home office comes with its own challenges, most often the ergonomic can be a challenge which results in poor posture and chronic stiffness.

Physiotherapy is an excellent treatment that you can try to help both with the chronic stiffness through manual therapy but also to teach your tools and stretches to implement in your daily desk routine to prevent the buildup of the pain and stiffness in the first place.

There are exercises and stretches that are commonly prescribed for posture awareness. These help greatly but also getting advice on ways you can improve your current workstation could help prevent future problems from occurring.

Spinal Conditions and Nerve Impingements

All registered physiotherapists are well trained in the treatment of various spinal conditions and nerve impingements. Spinal conditions can range from mild to severe and can involve nerves to varying degrees. Corrective rehabilitation exercises that work on core strengthening are beneficial for treatment of back related disorders.

Incorporating pilates based strengthening is what distinguishes fulcrum therapy from other clinics. We have an in-house pilates instructor that works closely with our physiotherapists and can help you build the strength, body awareness and tools that you need to recovery from your injury but also reduce your risks for future injuries through pilates training.

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Disorders

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain or jaw pain can have a few different causes. The most common cause is tension in the surrounding muscles of the jaw. The other cause is a dislocation or internal disorder of the jaw such as a displaced disc and lastly, the jaw pain could be from degenerative joint disease such as Arthritis.

temporomandibular joint or TMJ is a jaw pain which can be treated by physiotherapy.

Most of our patients’ jaw pain is related to tension and tightness in the muscles of their jaw. Most common cause is clenching at night time or during the day from poor habits and stress or eating hard foods. Physiotherapy can help with TMJ pain by manipulation of the jaw when necessary and releasing surrounding muscles both externally and internally through the mouth.

We also offer special physiotherapy services for:

Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

Our clinic is fully licensed and equipped to work with both ICBC claims specialists and also any lawyers that may be representing our patients for their ICBC claim. We offer amazing services, all in one place to reduce the stress associated with car accidents and put the focus back on your health.

  • We communicate directly with your claims specialist on your behalf so you don’t have to.
  • We directly bill to ICBC for all services provided to you for your injury recovery, this means no direct cost out of your pocket.
  • We offer multiple services under one roof. Our experts that assess your injury will make appropriate recommendations as to what service can benefit you the most. Sometimes the fastest results are achieved by combining a few different services simultaneously to get you to your goals faster.
  • ICBC services that we offer in our Coquitlam based health clinic are: Chiropractic Care, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Active Rehab, Acupuncture and Registered Clinical Counseling.

Cancer Conditions

Cancer is one of the most common illnesses worldwide. Every one of us knows someone that has battled cancer and have seen the debilitating effects it can have on the body. Physiotherapy is an excellent modality to help with patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Pain: Chronic pain is a very common side effect of cancer. Physiotherapy has excellent results in helping with the management of chronic pain and to help reduce pain to improve the individual’s quality of life.

Cardiovascular performance: During the cancer treatment period, the body will experience a decline in cardiovascular performance and health related to fatigue and body weakness.

Physiotherapist professionals can greatly help with building appropriate, tolerable and progressive exercise programs to help patients regain their cardiovascular health through aerobic exercise.

Fatigue is extremely common during and after cancer treatments. There is tremendous evidence that indicates the importance of exercise and movement as a beneficial treatment option for fatigue.

If you are undergoing cancer treatment or have just finished and are experiencing fatigue, start today by booking your physiotherapy assessment and get the help of a professional to plan your exercise for you. That is what we are here for, to help support you with your healing journey.

Chronic Pains

Chronic pain is a debilitating condition and patients suffering from chronic pain often find themselves at a loss as to what else they can try to help manage their symptoms.

We find that in cases of chronic pain, patients are often fearful of exercise or certain movements due to past bad experiences or injuries or they believe it may cause more harm than good. However, exercise is more than just hitting the gym.

Along with building muscles, gym exercises could also cause chronic pains if done wrong.

Exercise can be in the form that relates to performing everyday activities of daily living such as getting in and out of bed, preparing breakfast and more. Modern physiotherapy should not focus just on passive treatment in cases of chronic pain.

Our physiotherapists have extensive training to assist in key components essential for treatment of chronic pain. That is putting their focus on the individual patient’s needs and lifestyle through education, patient empowerment and promoting exercise through low risk movements that translate to activities of daily living.

Why Choose Fulcrum Therapy Physiotherapy Clinic?

According to the following reasons, fulcrum therapy could be the best choice for physiotherapy services:

  • Personalized and individualized approach- Our physiotherapists do not switch between rooms. During your visit, you have our full attention.
  • Manual Therapy approach – Although our physiotherapist has access to modalities, she believes a manual therapy approach can be a powerful technique to assist in pain and function.
  • Having extensive experience working with post surgical patients, our physiotherapist is well versed in the most recent evidence for a speedy post surgical rehab program and recovery.
  • We work with your extended health care providers and work out the details so you can focus on your treatment.
  • We accept ICBC and worksafe BC injuries and we work with you tirelessly until you have regained your full function back and are ready to get back to do the things you love to do.

Meet Our Coquitlam Physiotherapists

Alexandra Kuciak

Registered Physiotherapist

Aleksandra obtained her Masters of Physiotherapy in 2011 at the University of Medical Sciences in Poznan, Poland. Since 2011, Aleksandra has been a physiotherapy practitioner in Poland and has spent over 8 years working in public and private practices treating both acute and chronic injuries.

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