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Benefits of Having a Mobile Chiropractor Come to Your Home

Chiropractic treatment is mostly a manual therapy and can be performed at home.

Traditionally, many doctor visits occur with the patient attending the doctor’s office and the visit taking place at the doctor’s office.

Since Covid, we have been seeing some changes take place. For example, patients who are immune compromised or others who are in severe pain have requested phone visits or home visits from their chiropractor, massage therapist, and physiotherapist.

Home visits are time saving for the patient as they can continue their care at the comfort of their home.

This option is fantastic for those patients that do not have accessible transportation, are immune compromised, or have certain resources at home that they would like to utilize.

What Chiropractic Services Can Be Done at Home?

Chiropractic services require minimum equipment and tools as it is mainly a hands on therapy, making it easy to provide the treatment from the patient’s home.

A significant portion of a chiropractic treatment is hands-on, meaning that chiropractors use their hands, specific soft tissue therapy techniques, and chiropractic adjustments without relying on any tools or modalities.

Chiropractors also prescribe exercises using body weights and resistance bands for early rehabilitation. All these therapies can easily be done at the patient’s house as all the chiropractor needs is a portable chiropractic table to conduct his or her treatments. 

Dr. Sabbaghan in a chiropractic treatment session.

Benefits of Having a Chiropractor Come to Your Home

Having a chiropractor come to your home can offer numerous benefits that cater to your convenience, comfort, and overall well-being.

Getting chiropractic care done at home is mostly suitable for people who has either of the following conditions:

  • When you are in severe pain and cannot move.
  • When you don’t have time.
  • When you are an immune-compromised patient or a patient with disability.

Comfort and Accessibility

Some patients may experience severe and debilitating pain where they cannot get up from their bed or the floor. In those instances, commuting to the chiropractic office may not be feasible and the patients prefer to have an at home visit.

Time Efficiency

By having your chiropractor visit you at your house, you can save significant time spent on commuting to their office, avoiding traffic, and the stress of finding parking in some instances.

Reduced Risk Factors for Certain Types of Patients

Patients that are elderly, immune compromised, recovering from a recent surgery or those that have a physical disability oftentimes would prefer an at home chiropractic treatment as commuting to the office poses certain risk factors for them.

Elderly patients may prefer at home visits due to limitations in transportation. Those with immune compromised systems may want to limit exposure to the outside world while those with physical disabilities may find more comfort in their home rather than going to the office.

Risks of Chiropractic Adjustments Done at Home

Having a chiropractic adjustment at home poses absolutely no risks that would be different than having a treatment at the office.

The techniques and manual therapy methods used by the chiropractor do not change between home visits and office visits.

Patients who choose home visits due to certain factors are very grateful and happy with their choice as it allows them to focus more of their time on their recovery and healing rather then worry about needing to leave the house for a visit.

Does Fulcrum Therapy Offer at Home Chiropractic Care?

During Covid, our chiropractors had a high demand for home visits due to restrictions and other factors. Luckily, our chiropractors did offer home visits at no extra cost to the patients who needed them.

Having a chiropractic home visit, by nature, does cost significantly more than an office visit after taking into account time needed for commuting, setting up the portable chiropractic table etc, costing upwards of double that of an office visit for a chiropractor.

At Fulcrum Therapy, we do accept requests for home visits for circumstances where the patient would otherwise not have available access to care, however, this is on a case by case basis.

We recommend that you send your request by calling our office or emailing us if you require a home visit.

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